You’ll often notice developers opt for simplistic white interiors as their go-to color of choice. Some of you may assume that this is based on the fact that white is an easy enough color to like, very few have tapped into this ultimate secret design weapon.

Here are 5 benefits for sticking with WHITE:


White is arguably one of the most If not the most accessible colour when it comes to that which surrounds us OUR WALLS. It allows for versatility in your decor options and is a favorable color for those seeking a gender neutral aesthetic.


In today’s modern world minimal design is here to stay and naturally neutral colours such as white are right front and centre. This simplistic colour is perfect with the minimal straight edged theme showing off crisp corners to perfection.


A clean palette of white always makes for a great backdrop, perfect for all living spaces particularly bathroom and bedroom settings. Ideal for relaxing the senses and encouraging a more reposed lifestyle exuding a fresh tranquil vibe. White is easy to maintain over the years whereas other colours may prove difficult to imitate when that much needed coat of paint is called for #refurbishments. Despite it’s simplistic nature it’s clear, clean quality brings out the more stimulating colors for those of you craving a pop of red, black or blue.


White is the most reflective of all the colours which is why modern developers are partial to it. White bounces off from large windows ( visible at Orangeline’s The Bureau ) and generally makes spaces appear larger than they actually are. This is why smaller, minimal spaces such as studio apartment are almost always covered in white as there is an illusion of space which is perfect for those “quaint” little spaces minimalists like to call home #loftliving.


The color white is unlikely to ever go out of style which makes it a keeper for sure. When you observe colours across the ages you’ll find white has been there all along adaptable across many eras of design.
What do you think of White as a design choice – VERSATILE DESIGN OPTION OR BORING DEFAULT?

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