Here’s why today’s top Developers keep using Marble for their bathrooms:



Accents of marble can give the illusion of a larger space which will definitely come in handy for those of us moving into our “cosy” new first time apartments, aiming to live large in our poky homes.

Marble ALWAYS adds dimensions to small spaces – the shiny texture of the marble will automatically elongate the width of the walls.


I personally feel the only 2 absorbent things in your bathroom should be your luffa and your towels. I’ve always believed that carpets and other fluffy textures has no place in that space, it’s simply impractical.


Most developers gravitate towards marble as this material is water AND moisture resistant. Naturally it’s a favourite in the field of construction as builders want to create sustainable spaces which continue to keep with age. Marble is perfect for this as prolongs the life of your bathrooms looking brand new for ages.


Now before I get unfollowed you should be aware that there are varied grades of marble and several affordable options for my likeminded pennywise readers. What I love about this is we can all have fun with it, I will say for your cheaper buys of ANY material a lot more research should be carried out to ensure durability.


Marble has the ability to give your space the best of both worlds, giving off old world charm and modern vibes simultaneously.
Even going as far back as the architectural styles of Ancient Greece or to the saviest blogger apartment featured in this month’s Archi Digest you’ll see Marble has remained relevant regardless of the era (it always will).
It looks elegant and expensive without making your bathroom look stuffy or pretentious.
Naturally not every curation gives off this effect, we’ve found a lot of today’s savy #interiordesigners have combined classic marble looks with modern accessories.

At #orangelineddc 🍊 we believe in keeping up with the times and staying true to the classics (visible in our completed projects)

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